1.Location and general information:
Located in the westerly middle of Viet Nam and 50km form Hue, Bach Ma national park is the natural boundary of Hue-the acient city and the modern city Da Nang .Because of this special location, the park acttracts visitors not only by the mysteries and widerness but also for diversity of entertaining activities, exporing and excursions.
Bach Ma National park is 1450m above sea level and was discovered in 1932 by M.Girard- a Fance engineer .Within a several years, French have built a resort area with a system of 139 villas, hotels and swimming pools and traffic roads.
Also, The park is a safe shelter for Vietnam soldiers during the war against US army. Bach Ma tunnel – a historical heritage was built in 1973 with 140 meter long, 1,85 meter high and 1,45 meter wide, is the witness of the historic victories inspires Vietnamese generations..
2. What to see in Bach Ma national park?
As being famous for the bio geographical border between the north and the south, Bach Ma national parkis is famous for flora and fauna whiches home of more than 2000 kind of plants and approximately 1500 animals.There are some species among those can only be found in Viet Nam and listed in the red book of Viet Nam.Visitors will have chance to see the rare endemic Edward’s pheasant-a symbol of The park which has rediscovered after unseen for 50 years.Besides, about 358 species of birds were observed in the park makes it wonderful for guys who’s keen on bird-watching.
The park not only impress tourist for the biodiversity but also for the magical scenes of the Nature gives.Standing on the top of the park with hovering clouds, cool winds cover the body and the whispering of forest makes it seem like heaven.Moreover, visitors can see the beautiful landscapes of Hue city like Truot lake, Cau Hai lagoon.
3.Which activies to do when visiting Bach Ma national park?
Bach Ma national park will not let visitors down in terms of activites.Camping is the first way to feel the wildness of The park, to have time experiencing the foods and to relax with friends in night.At Do Quyen Fall ,tourist will be impressed by the spectacular views of majestic mountain makes it perfect to take the photos.Also, if visitors get here in spring they will be supprised because of both sides of the fall is covered by beautiful azalea flowers which blossoming on March .
Futhermore,about 30 minutes wandering in the jungle leading adventurers to the beautiful falls and romantic small lakes nearby.There are five of acttractive lakes in the area which located in every single different high points.Among those,the third lake is considered as the most beautiful lake with cool and fresh water.Swimming in small stream and watching the stunning high water fall are the best ways to enjoy moments in Bach Ma.
Lastly, the Europian architectural villas are also an outstanding feature that acttracts tourists.In French colonial years, 139 villas were built and till the last years of 20th century remaining 9 ones that have been using for serving visitors.
4.Best tips and time to visit Bach Ma national park.
Preparing the suitable clothes such as : T shirt, slight trouser and small hat is necessary for the whole day in Bach Ma.Aslo, visitors should not to forget to bring the camera the get the best pictures for the travel.
Best time for vistiting is on March or in summer so that you can enjoy the cool temperature of the jungle.
5.How to get to Bach Ma national park?
From Hue city,drving for 40km to the south and follow the National Highway 1A, there is a small road will leads to the entrance of Bach Ma nearby Cau Hai market.Or tourist can choose a group tour by bus, is not a bad choice indeed.

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