Mạng xã hội hỏi đáp Trường Học Số
Giải đáp ôn thi đại học

Chủ đề Chọn câu đồng nghĩa
1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our group’s scheduled visit to the museum has been called off.
A. The trip to the museum that we’d planned is now cancelled because something unexpected has happened.
B. Something happened at the museum, so they cancelled our visit.
C. We are no longer going to the museum because there is no time on our schedule.
D. We cannot go to see the museum at the arranged time because it will be closed.

12. The level of unemployment in this district is said to be far higher than anywhere else in the country.
A. This area is worse than the rest of the country, especially in terms of the quality of work that gets done.
B. People believe that the lack of work is not so keen in the rest of the country as it is in this area.
C. People talk about losing their jobs much more around here than elsewhere in the country.
D. Because of its position, this region has fewer jobs on offer than other places in the country.

13. Although she said otherwise, I felt certain that she’d been offended by my remark.
A. Even though my remark was offensive, she assured me that it hadn’t bothered her.
B. I was sure my words had caused her no offence; otherwise, she’d have told me.
C. I was in no doubt, because of her later attitude to me, that she was insulted by my comment.
D. I was convinced that she’d taken my comment as an insult despite her claim to the contrary.

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