Cả nhà giúp mình với
1. My wife is ________ of spiders
A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified
2. At present the school cannot_________ to buy all the computers it needs.
A. afford B. risk C. have D. make
3. We hope that the students will enjoy taking _______ in the picnic.
A. advantage B. notice C. part D. place
4. I‟m writing to express my _________ gratitude for all your help.
A. truthful B. blunt C. sincere D. honest

5. He was rather ________ to me. He just says “No”.
A. short B. crude C. polite D. rude
6. He ________playing with his dog.
A. love B. loves C. was loving D. is loving
7. She ________smoking 2 months ago.
A. stopped B. stops C. stopping D. stoped
8. There _________many kangaroos and koalas in wild forest in Australia.
A. is B. are C. were D. was
9. Now he ___________a book about English. I do not think he will finish it.
A. writes B. is writing C. wrote D. has written

13. Sorry, you can‟t speak to Jane now. She ___________a bath.
A. having B. has C. is having D. to have
14. What will you do when you ________school?
A. finished B. finish C. will finish D. is finishing
15. If I had millions of dollars, I would _________ all over the world.
A. be traveled B. traveling C. travel D. to travel
16. If it _______ too cold, we could go on a picnic.
A. isn‟t B. wouldn‟t be C. couldn‟t be D. wasn‟t
17. ___you ever ___ to a rock concert?
A. have/been B. did/been C. did/go D. do/go

18. The Flash band __________ together for over fifteen years.
A. had been B. are C. have been D. were
19. What would you do if you _______ a lot of money in the street?
A. find B. found C. finding D. will find
20. It is the first time I __________a bird of this color.
A. see B. saw C. am seeing D. have seen

30. I can‟t understand the instructions. They are ________ Chinese.
A. on B. in C. of D. with

36. Remember _________my best regards to her when you write.
A. sending B. send C. sent D. to send
37. We walked for 10 km and then we stopped _______ a rest.
A. having B. have C. to have D. has
38. My mother wants me ___________ this letter this afternoon.
A. posting B. to post C. post D. posts
39. I hate _________ dirty dishes after meals.
A. to wash B. wash C. washing D. washed