Các bạn giải thích giùm mình vì sao chọn (a,b,c,d) nhé ?
1) Of the five new employees, only one is a man while ____ are all women.
a) others
b) other
c) the other
d) the others

2) All salespeople expected to ______ client complaints in a polite and restrained manner.
a) arrive
b) address
c) inform
d) stand

3) Eugene's company _______ a good profit last year.
a) made
b) did
c) had
d) took

4) Must we be subjected to your ______ complaints all day long?
a) tiresome
b) fearsome
c) awesome
d) wholesome

5) All company hard must be regularly maintained in order to _______ its lifespan
a) persist
b) endure
c) enlarge
d) prolong

6) My computer help me _____ my old shool mates
a) keep in contact with
b) lose touch with
c) stay in with
d) get through to