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Luyện Thi TOEIC PART 1 | Toeic Listening Test

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    Luyện Thi TOEIC PART 1 | Toeic Listening Test

    Toeic Listening Test Practice With Answers | Part 1- Pratice 1

    1). Autobahn
    • (A) Traffic is building up on the motorway.
    • (B) There are more lorries on this motorway than cars.
    • (C) Traffic is flowing freely on the motorway.
    • (D) The vehicles are travelling too close to one another on the motorway.

    2). B
    • (A) There are more craft on the water than there are cars on the road.
    • (B) This photo shows us a busy rush hour scene.
    • (C) Most of the buildings in the picture are typical domestic residences.
    • (D) There is no evidence of any people walking in the photo.

    3). A
    • (A) The white car looks as if it is going to overtake the yellow car.
    • (B) The skyscrapers in the picture are under the bridge.
    • (C) Several people can be seen trying to cross the road.
    • (D) It looks as if it is going to rain.

    4). C
    • (A) People are trying to cross the road.
    • (B) The buildings are all brightly coloured.
    • (C) The cyclist on the left is riding a pedal cycle.
    • (D) There are six arches visible in the picture.

    5). D
    • (A) All the people in the motorboats are waving their arms.
    • (B) The water is deep green in colour.
    • (C) All the motorboats are clearly visible.
    • (D) You can only see four boats clearly.

    6). B
    • (A) There are two women to be seen in the photo.
    • (B) You can see one man getting off the tram.
    • (C) You can see one man getting on the tram.
    • (D) There are two men wearing red in the photo.

    7). A
    • (A) No one is sitting on the seats on the top of the bus.
    • (B) The bus has three decks.
    • (C) The trees are full of leaves.
    • (D) Someone is using the telephone in one of the kiosks.

    8). D
    • (A) Everyone is walking away from the camera.
    • (B) The woman in the white jacket has short hair.
    • (C) You can see blue sky at the top of the picture.
    • (D) No one in the picture is running.

    9). C
    • (A) The air hostess is sitting down.
    • (B) The air hostess is talking to the passengers.
    • (C) You cannot see anyone sitting in the seats.
    • (D) The seats in the plane are all bright red.

    10). A
    • (A) The two people in the picture are looking at the screen on a laptop.
    • (B) The two people in the picture are watching television.
    • (C) The man is looking miserable.
    • (D) The woman is shaking hands with the man.
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    Reply: Luyện Thi TOEIC PART 1 | Toeic Listening Test

    Mọi người ơi, IIG đã thông báo hoãn lại việc áp dụng cấu trúc Toeic new format rồi nè
    ������ Theo thông báo của Viện Khảo thí Giáo dục Hoa Kỳ (ETS), tại Việt Nam thời gian chính thức áp dụng bài thi TOEIC cập nhật sẽ bắt đầu từ ngày 01/06/2019, thay vì ngày 15/02/2019 như đã thông báo trước đây.
    ������ Thí sinh nên dành thời gian cập nhật kiến thức, rèn luyện kỹ năng sử dụng tiếng Anh và làm quen với dạng thức đề thi cập nhật để có thể giành kết quả cao khi dự thi.